• slice of spinach pie being removed from the whole pie overhead angle
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    Spanakopita Spiral with Spinach and Spring Greens

    This spanakopita spiral recipe came out of my need to not waste food. I catered my cousins wedding and was left lots of leftover salad bits-spinach, feta and spring greens. My brain saw spinach pie, but I definitely didn’t have enough spinach to make it, but what if I used the spring greens mix? It has kale and swiss chard, which I knew would be fine, but I wasn’t sure how the other baby greens would behave. I figured I had nothing to lose, and I’m so glad I tried it. They make a great “spinach” pie, adding extra flavor and nutrients to the mix. Preparing the Filling The key…

  • Ricotta waffles with falling powdered sugar
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    The Best Ricotta Waffles with Meyer Lemon Cream

    You need these in your life. Seriously, these are┬áthe best ricotta waffles ever. They’re thick and a bit dense in the way that holds up to lots of syrup and butter or a heavy slathering of whipped cream. They have flavor on their own, but not so much to outshine the toppings. AND they reheat beautifully, which is not something you can say about most breakfast items! I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. I prefer waffles to pancakes. Nothing against pancakes, but I prefer the crisp edges of a waffle, and those little pockets filled with syrup. I knew the lemon curd from the last post…